PPP Infrastructure Projects under Pipeline

Proposed PPP Infrastructure Projects seeking GOI Assistance (Through Pilot Project Initiative / IIPDF Scheme)
Sector S.No. Project Name Dept/ Agency Project Description 
Urban 1 Logistic Park, North Guwahati GDD

The basic objective of the project is to create new infrastructure for shifting the existing wholesale market within city imit. The land has been identified in the outskirts of the city near Gauripur, North Guwahati. The proposed interventions are - 

  •  Provision of integrated logistic hub

  • Provision of infrastructure for wholesale market

  • Provision of  warehousing and storage facilities

  • Provision of basic services and amenities

  • Integrated freight complex

2 Development of Adabari Bus Terminus, Guwahati GDD

As suggested in Master Plan of Guwahati, Government of Assam through Guwahati Development Department has proposed to re-develop the Adabari Bus Terminus with private participation. As given in the local development plan, hotel and commercial area are permissible inside large bus depots as potential sources of additional revenue.

The objective of the project is to address in a comprehensive manner all elements of traffic and transport planning through an effective information system and comprehensive master plan covering all elements of the bus depot redevelopment plan.  Adabari Bus Stand is located in the heart of the city covering approx. 200 bighas of prime land having potential as a node for economic, financial and commercial hub in the western part of the city which can be a primary candidate in solving the congestion and parking related problems within the project influence area.

The project is envisaged to be developed through a suitable PPP mechanism by special focusing on arriving at a set of parameters for evolving a Physical Plan for the planning period.

3 Water Metering Installation and Billing GDD

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) is the nodal agency for the supply of water for Guwahati city. The total number of connections under GMC is about 25000, of which about 900 connections are metered. GMC intends to undertake the installation of water meters for the rest of the connections and enhance the efficiency of billing and collection of revenue through the involvement of a private O&M Operator under a medium term concession agreement. Currently, the entire water distribution system in the city is being revamped through an ODA from JBIC and the rehabilitation work is at the advanced stage of implementation. GMC would therefore like to take up a pilot project under a suitable PPP mechanism in a number of select wards so as to test the acceptability as well as the success of the revenue collection processes in the city’s context.    

The objective of the project are:

§         To install water meter, customer billing and collection support;

§         To inculcate the culture of paying for services utilized;

§         To enable water sector reforms in GMC and Assam at large;

§         Billing of the O&M cost of the water utilized and recovery of the cost

§         Keeping a check on UFW       

§         To monitor the quantity of water ulitised by each household;

§         To recover the cost for water utilized by each household;

To have a  check water losses / Unaccounted For Water (UFW);

4 Town Hall/ Guwahati City Centre GDD

Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) intends to utilize it’s around 20 Bighas of land at Roopnagar and Ulubari ares in Guwahati. The proposed sites at Roopnagar and Ulubari are located on the main road and is about 20 kms from the International Airport. The estimated Total Project Cost is proposed to be around Rs 97.20 crore. The idea/concept is to re-develop the existing land parcel consisting of about 6.67 acres in the city into an integrated centre which shall include a GMC Administrative office/Secretariat Building, Commercial Market Complex, Community Centre cum Town Hall & basements with car parking facilities etc. This re-development is proposed to be carried out through engagement of a private sector investor using a suitable PPP mechanism that shall not only beautify the location and provide better amenities and services to the end users but also give adequate return to GMC.

The intended objectives/benefits of the project:

§      Establishment of a quality infrastructure, much needed by the urban locality at no additional cost to the GMC.

§      Optimized Building-use utilization or optimize the land use of the Municipal property and work out a sustainable revenue model for the GMC. 

§      Transfer of the assets so created to the GMC after the end of the Lease Period (Built- Operate- Transfer model).

§      Mordent GMC’s own office, Community Hall, Commercial Market complex etc

Enhancement in the City Infrastructure of Guwahati

5 Eco-tourism in Deepor Beel GDD

Various Beels and water bodies form a part of the city of Guwahati area, which could be an area of both tourism interest and ecological balance of this expanding city. Deepor Beel is one of the largest and most important riverine wetland in the Brahmaputra valley and is situated about 5 kilometers from the Guwahati airport. The approximate area covered by the water body is 40.14 Sq km. This is an important ecosystem with rich biodiversity species of both land and aquatic floras and faunas. Deepor bill is a house of various migratory birds and endangered species like the “Deo hah”.

The Government of Assam has enacted an Act “Guwahati Water bodies (Preservation and Conservation) Act, 2008” to protect and conserve the water bodies in and around Guwahati City.

The “Eco Tourism Projects for Surrounding Area of Deepor Beel” shall aim at developing eco-friendly tourism infrastructure in and around the Deepor Beel area as well as protecting and restoring the ecological balance of these water bodies. A proper assessment of the water body, its ecological importance in the city life and the present condition of the water body is required for designing a project under the proposed framework. The assignment would also involve provision of linkages to the drainage system both natural and artificial of the city.

The formulation of this project provides an opportunity to address functions commonly associated with wetland ecology and tourism facilities through localised solutions without disturbing the eco system using more sustainable systems to provide a better environment and better quality of life for current and future generations of Guwahati. The project shall have the following components in addition to the revenue generating activities:

§         Cleaning, de silting and restoration of the water body

§         Delineation of water body boundary and creation of green buffer zone

§         Landscaping and plantation

§         Construction of open air garden in the surrounding areas of the beel

§         Construction of handloom and handicrafts village in the surrounding land.

§         Development of Eco – village for tourism

§         Development of fishing village.

§         Development  of parking spaces

§         Development of roads, walkways, drains and other amenities.

§         Development of golf course

Infrastructure and support for horticulture, floriculture, aqua culture etc.

6 Development of Jail Land GDD

Central jail of Guwahati which is recently shut down is already shifted to the newly constructed complex at the outskirt of the City has left a large portion of Government land empty in the heart of the City. This portion of land, in the middle of the commercial district of the City is extremely precious and thus is highly likely to attract encroachers and land grabbers unless immediate action is taken to protect, preserve and fruitfully utilize the same for the greater benefit of the population of the City.

Availability of precious land of a large area right inside this business center opens up an opportunity to scientifically develop the area catering to the needs of the population dependent on it and to also address environmental issues simultaneously. The area has a large floating population with almost no breathing space and is slowly becoming a labyrinth of concrete jungle. The most essential requirement of this area is a green spot with enough open area to substantially fight the pollution created by such vigorous human activity. Therefore, the essential requirement is to keep as much an open area of the vacant land as possible. The available area is around 60 bigha as per estimate of the revenue department. GDD has accordingly mooted a proposal to develop this prime piece of land with the following interventions:

§         Open park having underground multi-level car parking

§         Commercial development

§         Widening of road.

§         Development of a water park in the low lying areas adjacent to the railway land with water sports etc.

Pedestrian circulation space etc.

7 Brahmaputra River Front Dev. Project Power/


The main objectives of the proposal is to:

§         To develop Brahmaputra River as stunning natural and visual resource.

§         To regulate the development on the riverbed and reduce the pollution in the river.

§         To commercially exploit the riverfront without hampering the natural habitat and ecology of the river and its bed.

§         Increase tourism potential through sustainable project development.

Looking at the developmental plan few intervention has been proposed in the areas of traffic transportation, cultural precinct, development of river bank and promenade etc. The identified project components as per the master plan are listed below:

§         Roads major re-organisation and development

§         Lighting, drainage, ducts, signages and arboriculture for roads

§         Pedestrian walkways, Parking

§         Bridges

§         Promenade with flood lighting

§         Reclamation and Stabilisation of river bank (soft engineering)

§         Provision of Jetties

§         Cultural Precinct: Buildings Conservatory

§         Museum of modern art

§         Youth center

§         Conference and auditoria complex

§         garden market

§         food court

§         Ferris wheel

§         Redevelopment of Ujanbazar ghat market

§         Re-development of existing structures

9 heritage bungalows to be converted to museums  incorporating sculpture court, food court, river interpretation centre, municipal museum, textile museum etc. 

Power 8 Development of Mini-hydel Projects under Cluster approach Urban


Small Hydro Power (SHP) Programme is one of the thrust areas of power generation from renewable in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. It has been recognized that small hydropower projects can play a critical role in improving the overall energy scenario of the country and in particular for remote and inaccessible areas. The Ministry is encouraging development of small hydro projects both in the public as well as private sector.

The Ministry’s aim is that the SHP installed capacity should be about 7000 MW by the end of 12th Plan. The focus of the SHP programme is to lower the cost of equipment, increase its reliability and set up projects in areas which give the maximum advantage in terms of capacity utilisation. Out of the total estimated potential of about 15,000 MW (a total of 5,415 potential identified sites, each less than 25MW capacity) of small hydro power projects in India, Assam has approx. 60 sites aggregating 213.84 MW potential renewable power.

Inconformity with the Private Sector led development process in other parts of the country, ASEB, GoA would like to prepare and develop a cluster of SHPs through PPP Modality all across the state depending upon the investment appetite of the private sector.

  Tourism 9 International Cruise liner on river Brahmaputra Dept. of Tourism

River Brahmaputra connecting Dhubri-Pandu-Tezpur-Neemati-Dibrugarh-Sadiya was declared National Waterway No.2 in 1998.

India has an IWT Transit and Trade Protocol with Bangladesh. The envisaged project to kick-start connectivity and passenger flow between Guwahati to Kolkata through Bangladesh under a suitable PPP modality.

The cruise paves way to share the beauty of inner Assam along with the Tea Gardens, Majuli islands and Kaziranga, Orang and Pobitora wild life parks. The project envisage to have two liners to undertake a daily day/night cruise from Origin and Destination.

The objectives of the project shall be as follows:

§      To exploit the tourism potential of Assam;

§      To share the scenic beauty of Inlands of Assam during the cruise along the Tea Gardens, islands and wild life parks.

§      To extend land water cruise to national and international tourists;

§      To kick start connectivity and passenger flow between NE regions with Kolkata and Haldia ports through Bangladesh and Sunderbans waterways.

To enable cruise tourism in Assam at large.

10 Heritage restoration and development of Amusement theme park at Sivasagar Dept. of Tourism

Blessed with a colorful historical background, Sivasagar was the capital of the Ahom rulers for six centuries, which ended with the arrival of British in the 19th century. Sivasagar was not only the political capital but also the cultural capital of Assam.

The district of Sibsagar offers immense potential for the development of tourism. The town was the erstwhile capital of the Ahom kings and the whole district is dotted with examples of their architecture. Following are the important historical tourism places:

§      Shiva Dole - Sivasagar and the erstwhile Rangpur is full of historic relics bearing testimony to the 600 years of the Ahom rule. The Shiva Dole standing in between the Vishnu Dole and Devi Dole has got the most imposing look and solemnity.  

§      Vishnu Dole - Vishnu Dol is one of the three great temples of Sivasagar. It is situated in the same campus of Shiva Dole.  

§      Devi Dole - The third one of the great temples of Sivasagar is Devi Dol. This temple was dedicated to Hindu Goddess Durga 300 years back.

§      Sivasagar Tank - Sivasagar Tank, lying beside the three most beautiful Doles, one of the important habitats of migratory birds during the winter season. It is the most attractive landscape of the town.

§      Joy Dole and Joysagar Tank - Joysagar tank is the largest man-made tank in the world. It has a total area of 318 acres including the four banks. This tank and the three beautiful temples on it's bank were built the most powerful Ahom king Rudr Singha.

§      Ranghar - What is remarkable about this monument is that it happened to be a unique structure built for this specific purpose not only in India but in entire Asia at that time.

§      Kareng Ghar - The palace is a four storied building and arranged in gradually receding tiers. The top floor has dome like roof with a chamber. It had four watch towers originally of which now only two can be seen.  

§      Talatal Ghar - Recent archaeological excavation has exposed the remains of burnt wooden logs, post holes, burnt brick structures and pathways on the northern and western sides respectively.

§      Gourisagar Tank and Dol- Gourisagar is the name given to a small village Bezgaon by the Ahom queen Phuleswari after the construction of the three temples. There is a huge tank dug in front of the temples. All the constructions were finished by 1723.

There is a regular stream of tourists visiting the district. There is ample scope for the development of heritage tourism / destination tourism in and around Sibsagar under a suitable Private Sector led PPP mechanism.

The flora and fauna of the district cast a different spell altogether. The lush green tea gardens tend to mesmerize the onlooker and the strong aroma of the tea leaves radiate an addictive spell. This contributes not only to the overall splendor but also to the state economy.

11 Eco Tourism Park at Dibru – Saikhuwa National Park Dept. of Tourism

Dibru-Saikhowa National Park houses 38 species of mammals and 382 species of Birds. The proposed project shall have the following objectives:

§      To invite more national and international tourists to the National Parks and to extend a Eco-tourism and bio-sphere reserve of the National Parks.

§      To exploit and invite more tourists and tourism potential to Dibru- Saikhowa National Park;

§      To share the Eco-tourism and bio-sphere reserve of the National Park.

To groom Dibru- Saikhowa an all-season product for Tourist attraction



12 Development of 10 ITI under PPP mode in uncovered areas of Assam Labour & Emp.  
Urban 13 Development of Water Supply in Dibrugarh Town UDD

The objectives of the project shall be as follows:

§      Extending 24x7 quality water supply  to the residents of Dibrugarh Town

§      Proper monitoring of the quantity of water utilized by each household

§      Cost recovery of the water utilized by each household;

§      To install water meter, customer billing and collection support;

§      Proper billing and collection of water charges;

§      Billing of the O&M cost of the water utilized and recovery of the cost

Keeping a check of water losses/Unaccounted For Water (UFW);

14 Development of Housing at Kharghuli, Guwahati UDD  
IT 15 Development of IT Park at Guwahati IT

Information Technology is the order of the day and has become a driver of economic development across the world. IT is touching the common people in one way or other and has become a part of the day to day life.

Assam has a huge number of qualified Engineers working in other metros due to non-availability of IT facilities and is leaving Assam. Most of these people do not return to Assam and thus causing a brain drain and cause vacuum on the technical expertise for the state.

An attempt to establish an IT Park in PPP would help in inviting the IT majors to Assam, thus retaining the bright Assamese residents.

The up-coming Engineering colleges will be a feeder to the IT parks and also will lead to the economic and social development of to Assam and North-East at large.

Accordingly, the IT Department, Government of Assam has identified the land for the development of IT Park under a suitable PPP approach.

Health 16 Development of Medical Colleges in Nagaon & Diphu Directorate of Technical Education

A huge number of Medical aspirants are leaving Assam to other metros for acquiring Medical Degrees. Most of these people do not return to Assam and thus causing a brain drain and cause vacuum on the expertise for the state.

An attempt to establish an Engineering College in PPP was undertaken and it was successful in Assam. In similar lines, Government of Assam intends to develop Medical Colleges at Nagaon and Diphu.

The College Hospital can cater to the health and treatment requirements of the surrounding regions. The college will help in developing / increasing the health indices of Assam and North-East at large.

Government of Assam is intending to develop two Medical Colleges in PPP, in-lines with the Tezpur Engineering College which is running successful in PPP. The bidding parameter is the number or percentage of seats that the private investor will extend to Government of Assam.          The College Hospital will cater to the treatment requirements of the surrounding population and in-turn increase the health indices of Assam.

17 Dev. and Maintenance of Diagnostic Centre Directorate of Technical Education

The Sibsagar District has limited existing medical facilities to cater to the demand of the population creating supply side constraints on medical facilities and access to the facilities. The Dibrugarh district where the Assam medical College is situated and which is the hub of private Nursing Homes is around 120 km away from the centre point of Sibsagar district.

The district is currently house to various corporations including ONGC, GAIL, Oil India Limited (OIL) and Assam Tea Companies etc. which may enhance demand for the proposed medical facilities.

Following facilities could be created based on a demand-supply gap analysis at various locations of the district such as  Sibsagar Town, Simaluguri, and Sonari:

Facilities to be created: Diagnosis and Testings including MRI, Ultrasound, X-Rays and others.

Accordingly, it is envisaged that such facilities could be created under a suitable PPP mechanism in order to harness the efficiencies of private sector led service delivery system under a long term concession.