PPP Infrastructure Projects in Assam

PPP Infrastructure Projects in Assam
1. Commissioned: Completed / Operational 2. Ongoing: Project Awarded (LOI Issued) / Not Completed 3. Pipeline: Bidding stage /Planned / announced
Sr No. Sector Satus Project Name Dept/ Agency Estima-ted Cost (in Cr. Rs.) Unit/capacity Struc-ture (BOO/ BOOT etc.) Mode of Award (ICB/ Domestic Tender/ Negotiated) Period of Cont-ract/ Concession
1 Urban Ongoing(Operational) Municipal Solid Waste Management GMC 102.16 6 MW - Waste to Energy BOT ICB 20 Years
    Ongoing(Operational) Development of Municipal Plots GMC 15 32,750 Sq Ft Plinth Area BOT NCB 25 Years
    Pipeline (Bidding Stage) Development of Municipal Plots GMC 50 80,000 Sq ft Plinth Area BOT NCB 25 Years
    Pipeline (Planned) E-Governance GMC 25   BOT NCB  
    Ongoing (LOI Issued) Multi-Level Car Parking GMDA 43 Cr 600 vehicles BOT NCB 60 Years
    Ongoing (Awarded) Development of GMDA plot GMDA 200 700 Residential units / Commercial complex Revenue Sharing NCB  
    Pipeline (Planned) Development of Jail Land GMDA 300 20 Acres PPP ICB/NCB  
    Pipeline (Planned) Development of Vacant Plot at Bangagarh AIDC 40 BOT NCB  
    Pipeline (Planned) Building of Commercial & Residential Complexes Urban Development 65.69 BOO NCB  
    Pipeline (Planned) Restoration & Preservation of water bodies GDD 50  3 Nos. PPP NCB To decide

Pipeline (Planned)

O & M of Drinking Water Supply GDD 4.56 Water Metering PPP NCB
    Pipeline (Bidding Stage) Beautification of Guwahati City GMDA 25   BOT NCB 20-25 Years
Power Pipeline (Bidding Stage) 2 MW Hydel Power APGCL 14 2 MW BOT NCB 30 Years
    Pipeline (Planned) 20 MW Hydel Power APGCL 120 20 MW BOT NCB 30 Years
Ongoing (Awarded) 60 MW thermal Power Project APGCL 234.5 60 MW BOT NCB 30 Years
    Pipeline (Planned) 37 New Mini Hydel Power Projects APGCL 750.00 - - - -
3 Education Pipeline (Bidding Stage) Engineering College Directorate of Technical Education 40 Lease NCB 50 years
Pipeline (Bidding Stage) Knowledge City at Rowmari in Chirang District  Directorate of Technical Education 300   Spread around 500 Acres - - -
Pipeline Knowledge City at Hekera near Boko  Directorate of Higher Education 158 Spread over an area of 2000 acres  - - -
4HealthPipeline (Bidding Stage)Regional Diagnostic CentreDepartment of Health206 Locations in AssamLeaseNCB5 years
5SportsPipeline (Planned)Flying AcademySports50 LeaseNCB 
6RoadPipeline (Planned)Six Lane Bridge over River BrahamaputraGDD/PWD800 PPPICB/NCBYet to Decide
  Pipeline (Planned)Skyway (elevated road)GDD/PWD260 PPPICB/NCBYet to Decide
  Pipeline (Planned)Four laning of Jorhat-DemowHighways (DoRT&H)562 AnnuityNCBYet to Decide
  Pipeline (Planned)Four laning of Baihata-CharialiHighways (DoRT&H)1203.67 AnnuityNCBYet to Decide
7TourismPipeline (Bidding Stage)5 Star Hotel at GuwahatiDept. of Tourism605 Star LeaseNCB60 Years
8 Industries Pipeline (Planned) Agro Terminal Hub Directorate of Industries 700 - - -
   Pipeline (Planned) Plastic Park Directorate of Industries 300 - - -
   Pipeline (Planned) Banana Park AIDC 300 - - -


Acronyms and Abbreviations
GMCGuwahati Municipal Corporation
GMDAGuwahati Metropolitan Development Authority
APGCLAssam Power Generation Corporation Ltd.
GDDGuwahati Development Department
PWDPublic Works Department
AIDCAssam Industrial Development Corporation