ADB Technical Assistance Mission

Project Number
TA Name
Mainstreaming Public Private Partnership at the State Level
TA Number
Type/Modality of Assistance
Technical Assistance Special Fund US$1.2 million
Japan Special Fund US$1.8 million
Thematic Classification

Sustainable Economic Growth Private Sector Development Capacity Development


Support under this project will be :

  1. part of the larger Government Agenda on Economic Reforms and Institutional Development by focusing on a key sector (i.e. infrastructure);
  2. needs driven (the TA has been formulated based on needs specification by the union and state governments);
  3. targeted and value-added by focusing on relevant capacity development and creating an enabling framework for in DEA and other entities; and
  4. focused on selected states and entities (in a ramped up manner over 3 years) where the scope for using PPPs will have significant impact on the development of critical infrastructure
ATDA Components

The TA will have two components :

(i) Part A : Capacity Development

(ii) Part B : Institutionalization of PPP Skills

Objectives and Scope

The proposed TA will provide technical assistance to the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) and participating State level public private partnership (PPP) cell to build their capacity to use public private partnerships as a mainstream strategy for delivering infrastructure services.

Linkage to Country /Sector Strategy

ADB’s Country Strategy for India (2003-2006) specifies private sector development as one of the main sector and thematic priorities. Since the private sector has to play a leading role in achieving growth targets, ADB’s strategy in India is to focus on promoting an enabling environment for private sector development through

  1. financial sector interventions to improve financial intermediation and resource mobilization;
  2. policy reforms to remove impediments to private investments, domestic and foreign;
  3. investment in public infrastructure, which also facilitates private investment;
  4. public-private partnerships; and
  5. investments in private sector projects.
Geographical Location


Responsible ADB Officer

Gambhir Bhatta (

Responsible ADB Department

South Asia Department

Responsible ADB Division

Governance, Finance and Trade Division, SARD

Executing Agencies

IND0009 Department of Economic Affairs

Time Table
Fact Finding

31 August 2006 to 03 September 2006


11 December 2006

Financing Plan/TA Utilisation

US$ 3,000,000.00


US$ 0.00


US$ 750,000.00


US$ 3,750,000.00

Approved Amount

US$ 3,000,000.00

Revised Amount


Total Commitment

US$ 421,252.00

Uncommitted Balance

US$ 2,578,748.00

Total Disbursement

US$ 26,193.59

Undisbursed Balance

US$ 2,973,806.41